C-19 Measures

Your health, our priority during your stay


Please be assured that we take the necessary hygiene measures to welcome you in complete safety.
We will welcome you with the mask and all the security measures and we are able to hand over the keys without contact.

The surfaces of our flats are systematically disinfected with a steam cleaner (floor, tiles, etc.)

Each room is cleaned with microfiber wipes (one color for each type of surface). They are changed for each room. The wipes are cleaned in the washing machine at 60 °.

Common or shared surfaces are cleaned once a day: door handles, switches, etc.
Sheets and towels are washed at 60 ° with a specific disinfectant for organic linen.

All bedding protections (mattresses + pillows) are changed for each new customer and of course washed like the sheets.

We wear gloves during any cleaning action.

The curtains are passed through the steam cleaner after each customer.

Do not hesitate to contact us before your stay to give you details of the services available to you on site and to answer your questions.


Take care of yourself and we look forward to welcoming you to our residence!